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We Empower Our Stakeholders and Prepare them for The Future


E-Vision infrastructure team will manage, build, and support your IP video through assessment, design, and implementation.

IP Video Surveillance Equipment
We provided clients with a detailed analysis of security target points external and internal sources
A E-Vision Project Development Physical Security Assessment is an important first step in assembling a comprehensive and proactive security solution that grows with your needs; it is designed to help you quickly and easily identify areas where your site is vulnerable to security breaches.
We provided detailed Bill of Materials and key strategic value-add


E-Vision security team will manage, build, and support your network video through assessment, design, and implementation.

E-Vision Project Development Corporation is an independent project management firm that provides network security consulting, planning and infrastructure design services.

Benefits of Network Surveillance Project Management

Successful project management boils down to basic organizational skills. IT projects most often fail because they are not properly planned and outlined before they are initiated.

Correct project management allows for better efficiency when delivering services. Done properly, it serves as a sort of road map for the project, similar to the way a business plan works for a business. Finishing a project ahead of time allows for happier clients, and by outlining the project beforehand, you know whether the project’s scope is feasible or not.

Flexibility is another benefit. In the event of a disaster that brings your company to a halt, you need a backup and disaster recovery plan in order to restore the project to the latest version. Project management provides you with a step-by-step, goal-oriented process. By creating project backups when milestones are met, you prevent the loss of important data.

E-Vision Project Development Corporation assist clients in identifying ROI (Return on Investment) for Information technology and its expenditures.


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We Empower Our Stakeholders and Prepare them for The Future

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