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UHSpro has developed a no-cost, proven system deployed in medical practices across the US in order to help deliver greater clinical insights, patient care and revenue growth without a single practice out-of-pocket expense. Practices can implement within days and begin receiving insurance reimbursement in as little as one week.

Yes. There are over 70 clinical studies, peer reviews, and studies completed by reputable and unbiased sources validating the clinical benefits of the DBS+. For a complete list of clinical research please visit www.digitalbioscan.com/research.

No. Our turn-key DBS+ patient testing services do not require any upfront or ongoing costs and there is no staffing or infrastructure required. All clients are provided a DBS+ (valued at $120K), a dedicated medical technician (valued at $50K/yr), and implementation of our proven insurance reimbursement program.

Although individual results vary, most practices add over $20,000/mo in new revenue.

Your dedicated medical technician handles nearly every aspect of the service. However, the provider will review physician report with patients and the practice biller will submit the claim.

All providers and billing staff are given access to our online training course that demonstrates how to read patient reports or how to submit claims to insurance.

No workflow disruptions. We compliment your existing workflow by customizing our services into your practice.

In order to receive reimbursement from insurance, a M.D. or D.O. license is required.

Although nearly all specialties could implement the service, we typically work with specialties in the primary and extended primary care environment.

No. We provide all necessary software and it is exclusively used by our technicians.

Digital BioScan+ Class II Medical Device

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NO COST FDA Approved, Class II Medical Device, Analytical Software, and Training valued at over $120K.

Trained & Certified Medical Technician

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NO COST Medical Technician valued at over $50K per year.

Proven Insurance Reimbursement Program

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NO COST implementation of UHSpro’s proprietary Insurance Reimbursement Program.

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