Our creative social media strategy is a marketing practice, focused on advocacy and engagement. We take a brand’s strategy and activate it across the social landscape, delivering valuable experiences for audiences and making the highest business impact possible.

When people search for your business on the internet, chances are they’ll come across your Facebook page. It serves as a second outpost for your business online – in fact, it’s like having another website! Facebook offers a way for your prospects and customers to learn about your business, to shop for products and services, and to communicate with you directly.

Great digital media content gets shared. To create that digital media content, we work through three lenses—your brand’s message, insight-based audience analysis, and specific social media platform nuances—and find the sweet spot, where they all intersect. This guides the stories we create, based on what your audience wants, and how they’ll consume it in each platform.

Facebook 90%
Google 80%
Organic Marketing 100%

Facebook is also a great platform for running strategic promotions. Using a variety of contest types, we will get your current fan base more engaged than ever and grow your followership. You’ll be flabbergasted by how excited your audience will be to enter and share your contest.

Our social engagement team of social curators and engagement managers ignite your brand in a complex social landscape. We do this by publishing content that connect, mining for relevant conversation, and participating in the dialogue. And we do it nimbly, so that we can engage in meaningful conversations when they matter most.

E-Vision has a whole team of expert writers, graphic designers, and skilled social media consultants who are passionate about what they do! We have no problem being creative on your behalf and coming up with content that will interest your target audience.

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