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Goals and Objective

• shows the commitment of E-Vision Project Development Corporation’s management and workers to health and safety
• aims to remove or reduce the risks to the health, safety and welfare of all workers, contractors and visitors, and anyone else who may be affected by our business operations
• aims to ensure all work activities are done safely.
¨ Responsibilities
Management (the supervisor and / or manager) is responsible for providing and maintaining:
• a safe working environment
• safe systems of work
• plant and substances in safe condition
• facilities for the welfare of all workers
• any information, instruction, training and supervision needed to make sure that all workers are safe from injury and risks to their health
Workers are responsible for:
• ensuring their own personal health and safety, and that of others in the workplace
• complying with any reasonable directions (such as safe work procedures, wearing personal protective equipment) given by management for health and safety
We expect visitors and contractors to:
• Wear Safety equipment on all job sites and read and sign our Health and Safety Manual

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