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Our Past and Future:

We were founded on the principle of visionary people and hard work. We began as a one who strongly believed in this motto and have grown the company and developed entrepreneurs that provide support services everyday.

Our Value Proposition:

We believe in utilizing the power of the techology to help clients grow their business, building results-driven digital and information management solutions that perform with cutting-edge design, development, branding and marketing. Our clients’ ROI is our factor for success and their continued support is our mission.

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Lead Web Designer

As a Lead Web Designer at E-Vision Project Development, you are required to know what makes a successful website, logo, or print piece and must be able to communicate and execute your thoughts to the team and client.

Email Marketing Specialist

The Email Marketing Specialist’s role is to develop, optimize, and execute email marketing operations by managing client email campaigns end to end utilizing basic Email Service Providers (ESP), create wireframes as guidelines for the creative design to follow, create and monitor business KPIs while working with clients in both B2B and B2C capacities thus ensuring successful execution.

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