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Sending you love and appreciation: your support and guidance has really made a mark on my life. I am so thankful for this amazing journey that I am on with Father God. As of today, I am truly enjoying my time in Mozambique. It’s like He knows how to perfectly place us in every season and through every change. My heart is to really seek Him to know Him, intimately know the Father, and His plans for me that include you and the many lives we will cross paths with throughout this life-time.

Over the past two years, I have asked a lot of big questions about my purpose and what it is that I am really doing. And you know what I’ve learned again and again- that God’s plans for us are SO big that if He showed us them all at once we would be so overwhelmed and it would probably scare us away! Instead, He is so gracious to reveal to us step by step and thankfully that is what He has done for me. What really excites me is in the area of ministry that empowers and encourages others to live in the fullness of what God has truly called them to be. This is definitely an area of intention in my life but God is also calling me to dream bigger! Currently through mission of A Touch of Heart, the focus is purely love and serving. And I see this being done in various capacities and actually taken to another level into media, public speaking and becoming a channel for resources and network connections. As of now and through the season to come, I desire to focus on becoming more equipped in the area of boldness (in everything), leadership, organizational sustainability and growth.

Starting this Fall in September, I plan on doing many things in the areas stated above, but the one the most impactful steps I wanted to share is that I plan to attend the 2nd level of ministry school in Redding, California. The 1st year really changed me from the inside out and helped to better understand the beauty in how God sees me and the true fullness of life with Him.

2nd year is going to be amazing to help structure what I have learned last year and to help develop the principles/skills for leading others. I am beginning my steps in fundraising for the 2nd year of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry.

Above all things, your prayers alone make the greatest impact in all that I’ve shared. Thank you for your prayers, for being a part of my heart and for allowing me to share these dreams with you!


Paris Proctor A Touch of Heart, Founder & President

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